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Dangrove Art Gallery

Alexandria, Sydney

Project Description
Infinity construction group completed the design and construction of a 10,000m2 art storage facility.

LGR Works
LGR completed the supply and installation of 100mm Kingspan RW insulated panels to the main roof with 15 degree pitch total area of 2500m2 using crane and cladboy to individually lift each panel into position and complete the roof install in 3 days. All works were completed using anchor points and static lines in order to provide a safe and cost effective method for roof install.

LGR completed the supply and installation of 40mm Kingspan RW insulated panels plant room roof and walls with a total area of 1300m2 with works completed in 2 weeks.

LGR installed 5000m2 of Rodeca polycarbonate to the internal and external facades of Art Gallery with rodeca materials manually handled to each area on perimeter scaffold. Entire install was completed in 5 weeks.


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